Webinar med Dr. Frederik Schroyens 25 september 2011


Radar Opus

Frederik Schroyens
Frederik Scroyens

Radar Opus har nu levererats till samtliga som har beställt programmet och nu kan du ta del av en genom gång av programmets olika funktioner. Registrera dig här nedanför så ses vi online på söndag!

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 Sunday, September 25th 9 a.m.

Pacific Standard Time


Join us for a Free Webinar with Frederik Schroyens


”New Ways of Solving Cases with RADAROPUS”

September, 2011 – Issue 1
Dr. Frederik Schroyens is the chief architect of the SynthesisRepertory – an ongoing project that is being continually updated,verified and re-defined. On September 25th, Dr. Schroyens will show us the amazing capabilities of this repertory within the RadarOpus program. As a practioner, he has been using RadarOpus for several months and he will demonstrate new ways of solving cases, highlighting features in the RadarOpus program with practical examples. Dr. Schroyens will also explain aspects of the upcoming version of Synthesis and how this innovative tool can be maximized using RadarOpus.

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More about Synthesis 2011


Dr. Schroyens has posted a video on YouTube about locating symptoms with RadarOpus and Synthesis. Using ’concepts’, ’keywords’, and other RadarOpus tools, you will see how Dr. Schroyens utilizes Synthesis and RadarOpus to find the most important symtoms of patients.

Dr. Frederik Schroyens’ North American TourWant to hear more from Dr. Schroyens? He will be speaking at several locations in the next few months-see below for dates and more information:October 15th and 16th – Winter Park, Florida”Understanding the Language of the Patient”

Click here for more information


October 29th and 30th – San Francisco, California

”Making the Right Remedy Work – Always”

Click here for more information


November 5th and 6th – Oak Brook, Illinois

”From the Patient to the Repertory and Back: Practical Exercises and Cases”

Click here for more information



Remember! The webinar is free, but you must pre-register in order to attend. Click on the above link and register today!

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