Dags att studera!


Välkommen att anmäla dig till ArcanumSkolans internetbaserade utbildning i basmedicin med individuell kursstart.

ArcanumSkolans utbildning i basmedicin om motsvarande 30 eller 60p genomför du helt i din egen takt hemifrån via din dator på mellan 1-3 år.

Även tentamina gör du hemifrån vid tidpunkter som passar dig.

Genomgång av praktiska moment såsom ABC-sjukvård, undersökningsteknik, m.m genomför vi vid obligatorisk träff på ArcanumSkolan.

Du hittar mer information på vår hemsida: klicka här.

Välkommen med din anmälan!

ArcanumSkolans kontakt information:

Mässans gata 10, Göteborg

Box 83
454 21 Brastad

Tel: 0768-648000

Hemsida: www.arcanum-homeopati.se
E-post. arcanum.utbildning@gmail.com


  1. Respected Madam Birgitta Williams , Most probably I wrote to through Email about 4/5 weeks ago regarding myself and Classical/ Pure Hahnemannian Homeopathic Education System . Never the less I am writing you again. I am Dr. Dipankar Bakshi BHMS , a Pure Hahnemannian Homeopathic Physician, from the City of Kolkata , India after passing out from the University of Calcutta ( now known as KOLKATA )
    as a Homeopathic Medical Graduate and now engaged in Private Practices for quite a few years . My hobby is to make
    Friendship with Homeopathic Doctors of Different Countries
    of the WORLD and you become my ONLY Homeopathic Medical Friend from SWEDEN —- the NOBEL country ,one of the Most Peaceful and Peace loving country of the WORLD , for which I do respect your Country and also it’s People . By the by , at this point our Indian Prime Minister is in Sweden for Political Talks . Am I correct ? I want to maintain a regular contact with you obviously for Homeopathic Reasons. Please send me some latest research and developmental information from the Homeopathic World and I will also do the same , as and when available. In the meantime How the Hahnemann’s Birthday and WORLD Homeopathy Awareness Week Celebrations were observed in your Country/State / Neighborhood, please send me a report with photos , if possible . Please give me a quick response . More talk after your reply .


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