Webinar med Hilery Dorrian!

Det endokrina systemet, hormoner och homeopati.

Hej och välkommen till Webinars med Hilery Dorrian vid 4 tillfällen!
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17 Maj kl. 18.30
12 juni kl. 19.30
24 September kl. 19.00
16 oktober kl. 19.00
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Följ Hilery under fyra tillfällen, två nu i vår och två till hösten. Du kan välja att lyssna på ett eller flera av dem. Här nedanför kan du läsa om innehållet i kursen! Hilery har ordet:

I got interested in these remedies about 20 years ago when I treated a lot of patients with Thyroid problems.
I saw the profiund effect of the remedy Thyroidinum on patients. Not only physically but on a very profound emotional level. Later on I was thinking about a couple of Folliculinum cases I had and it hit me that the very core of who we are as individuals is dictated by the Hormones released by our endocrine system. I dont just mean the Testosterone, the Estrogen and the other sex hormones, I mean the Hormones, Brain Chemicals and Neuro transmitters that these glands produce, such as Serotonin, Dopamine, Adrenalin and Cortisol to name but a few. the delicate balance of our brain chemistry make them selves. The remedies that come from these glands, either made from the glands themselves (Pituitrin Anteriorum )or made from their secretions, (Oxytocin, Adrenalin), are, I believe, going to become ever more important in clinic, to help our patients to find a better balance in their lives and to become who they were really meant to be.
In these lecture we will cover Thyroidinum, Pituitary gland ( anterior and posterior), Adrenalin, Hypothalamus, Histamine, Pineal gland, Folliculinum, Testosterone, Progesterone and some more mainstream remedies that help to support these Glands..

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